Last night


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I slept in my own bed in my own house. It has been months since I have had so much room to sleep in a bed. I broke down and spent the money for a pillow-top mattress and Ooh does that feel goooood on my tired, old, body! I was so tired yesterday I went to bed early about 8pm. I tossed and turned for a while before falling asleep. I got up at 11pm and 1am for a potty break then snoozed till 4am. Ya know there ain’t much to do at 4am unless you’ve got cows to milk or you’re leaving to go someplace. So I went back to bed and laid there listening for the sounds one hears at night. Far away there was a freight train passing by I could hear the rumble of the cars on the tracks. Unlike some places I have lived in they didn’t use their horn all through the crossings, thanks RR guys I appreciate you not using the horn. All of a sudden I woke up and it was bright outside checked my watch it was almost 8am. I started moving and my back wasn’t for that idea it took me awhile to persuade it to let me stand upright and move around. I got breakfast going and sat at the table looking out at the mountains-the sun sure was bright!

After breakfast I did a some household chores and then headed over to the family’s place about a half hour drive from mine and checked in with them and how they were doing. While there I collected a few things I thought I would need to bring back to my house. Later I went grocery shopping to fill-out my larder so I can cook on a regular basis. Tonight was pasta and fake meat sauce, I used soy crumbles for meat and it came out good. Everything is cleaned up now and I get to spend happy time with my computer.



I knew right away I had pulled my back muscle, no doubt about it! The pain was awful and feared the worst! I was unloading a chair from the back of my truck when I felt the pain. I’ve been hobbling around now for 48 hours, sometimes the pain is excruciating and sometimes just nagging. I’m taking Tylenol which helps and tonight I’m taking Motrin PM to help sleep. Sheesh what a thing to happen. I’ll be moving a lot slower and more carefully for a few days or weeks until my back heals. Getting down to do stuff on the floor isn’t bad it is getting back up that really hurts. I can still do stuff, just have to be very careful how I move and move slowly also don’t pick up heavy stuff.