Return for Dr’s appointments

I was having a good time in Mexico then I got ill. I felt pressure in my chest tingling in my toes and nausea. I also had a time when I fainted in my chair that was scary. So I went for a visit to the local Dr. in Mexico he took an EKG compared it to a previous one and suggested that I see my Doctors in Tucson. The trip from Mexico was uneventful made the trip in twelve hours. That left me very tired. The following day I was moving a hose to water some trees when I felt pressure in my chest, dizzy, weak and ill. I went into the house and rested didn’t feel better so I took a nitro tablet and the symptoms went away. In fifteen minutes the symptoms were back so I took another nitro tablet and the symptoms were less severe but still very evident. I got very concerned and went to the ER where based on my previous history I was admitted for evaluation. The following day I had tests done and they were all negative for a cardiac problem. Nothing in my blood tests indicted that I had a problem with anything else so I was discharged from the hospital with a promise to follow up with consults with my doctors. Still don’t feel well sometimes. Will see what the doctors come up with.

The monsoon rains have hit Tucson the past few days there has been flooding and damage. The rains seem to have helped the trees and other vegetation a lot. Amazing what rain can do.

Will post later as things develop.