A little rain

Vail and Tucson got some rain yesterday, most of the day it rained not a downpour just a nice steady rain this may have done the plants and trees some good. Driving in the rain in Arizona is a treat as folks don’t have sense to slow down. I had my doctor’s appointment to discuss my test results; seems everything is fine except for one medication that doesn’t seem to be doing its job. I got a new prescription and had to take it to a special pharmacy to get filled, insurance may not cover it. I’ll submit the claim and see what happens.

I attended one of the children’s holiday programs; interesting, I haven’t done that in a long while. This particular program shared some of the worst music I’ve heard from an elementary school. No kidding it was awful. After that painful experience we returned home to share some ice-cream which was a big hit with the kids.

It seems that I’m on a spending binge lately or maybe it is that everything I want just costs a lot of money. Either way I’m going through the dollars fast. The one bright note is that gasoline prices continue to fall and that is very good news when driving a full-sized pickup truck that only gets 15 mpg. I’m still shocked by the speed people drive here and the amount of traffic is much more than I remembered it from my prior visits.

I got the christmas lights up and on a timer they look nice, I wish I was good at taking night photos. I’ll give it a try later and see if I can get a good enough one to post.

I still suffer from terrible heartburn and I have an appointment with a specialist later in the month. I’m not looking forward to that appointment as there will be tests that will be uncomfortable. In the meantime I have a new medication to help with the problem.

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