Getting Ready to go home

I’m starting to pack up my truck for the trip back to my home and life in San Felipe Baja MX. I feel better than I have in weeks and I think I can make the drive to S.F. . I’ll most likely spend the night in Calexico Ca. and leave there for S.F. in the morning. Most likely I’ll get to Pete’s Camp on Sunday.

My RV is in the shop getting new brakes. I’ll be back in Tucson for the holidays and then drive the RV down to S.F. for the window repair and then in the Spring drive it back to Tucson to put it up for sale or trade it for something. I might even put it up for sale in Mexico. My goal is divest myself of this vehicle and move on.


Parts of a long bone

Parts of a long bone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A machine to measure bone density to check for...

A machine to measure bone density to check for osteoporosis in the elderly and other vulnerable subjects. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and I don’t have osteoporosis ….. yet! My numbers on the bone scan are good there is some hint that the hip bone south of the ball is having some bone loss that’s it. So why did my vertebrae fracture ? Who knows it appears that the bones adjacent to the damaged one are solid and there are no bone fragments pressing on nerves.   I have a choice I can go for a procedure that injects an acrylic into the damaged bone or let the bone heal its self. Even though the procedure would relive the pain immediately I am not completely at peace with the idea of acrylic being injected into my bone. Acrylic is made up of several chemicals that are known to cause cancer and no long-term studies have been done as to what happens to the acrylic in human bone. I know that I will have to endure pain until the bone heals it self. I just have to tough it out for a few weeks while I heal. I also have to make sure I don’t re-injure the back again.   I see the doc in two weeks to see how things are going with the healing process.