The Holidays In A Doublewide

What a silly title, holidays are no different in a double/single wide than in any other home. I didn’t get into the decorating mood until the christmas stuff went on sale! I just knew that lots of stuff for christmas was going to be 50% off right after christmas and I was right. I bought a $40.00 6.5 lighted christmas tree for $20.00 and all the decorations for it for less than $15.00! This will be next christmas’ decorations as the tree, of course, is artificial-i won’t have a real tree in the house it is to much of a fire hazard. Here are some photos of the tree and fireplace.

The cute dog's names are Spencer on the left and Rosie on the right.

The cute dog’s names are Spencer on the left and Rosie on the right.

The fireplace decorated for the holidays

The fireplace decorated for the holidays


I’ll store all this holiday decoration stuff in the closet and it will be used next year with a few additions every year until I get bored with the whole idea. I got to spend christmas morning with the family for a family style breakfast and it was fun watching the kids grin from ear to ear and catch up on all the things the family was doing for the holidays. The menu was scrambled eggs, bacon, gravy and biscuits, cantaloupe melon lots of coffee and juice. I stayed until almost lunch and returned home to my MH and had  a late lunch with my sister that was delicious, she did the cooking bless her heart. The menu was roasted turkey breast, sweet potatoes, green peas, stuffing and gravy.

I have managed to buy a few things for the house; one end table, floor lamp, table lamp and a bedside table for my room. My favorite store is Goodwill and if you see it and want it get your hand on it right away stuff like furniture and lamps fly off the shelves. I have some work to do on the house so a trip to the big box store was in order where I got material and tools to make some minor repairs. It looks like this summer I’ll have to seriously consider painting the house. The joys of home ownership 😦

I have enjoyed the fireplace and it has been cold enough for a fire every evening. Sitting with my sister having an adult beverage talking about old times and new times has been fun. 😀

Thinking about trip north

Photo © by Jeff Dean

Photo © by Jeff Dean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The silhouette of a large saguaro stands at su...

The silhouette of a large saguaro stands at sunset in Saguaro National Park on the east side of Tucson, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been thinking of my trip north to Arizona for the holidays talked Samantha last night about the plans for the holidays and when we would meet at the house in Vail. So far the time frame is later this week for me as I am taking a series of shots at the clinic and I won’t be able to travel until maybe Saturday.

I need to bring some tools with me to trim some trees so Samantha’s RV won’t get rubbed by the branches. Then I have to make a place for my RV. It will be a busy week and then it is Christmas and all that goes with it. I hope to decorate a little when I get to the house. Nothing extravagant a little tree some garland a bow for the gate that’s about it. Some logs for the fireplace would be nice. Of course the christmas sales might encourage me to spend more. It will be nice to visit family and friends in Tucson for a few days.


Nicer with a fire in the fireplace

Nicer with a fire in the fireplace