I knew right away I had pulled my back muscle, no doubt about it! The pain was awful and feared the worst! I was unloading a chair from the back of my truck when I felt the pain. I’ve been hobbling around now for 48 hours, sometimes the pain is excruciating and sometimes just nagging. I’m taking Tylenol which helps and tonight I’m taking Motrin PM to help sleep. Sheesh what a thing to happen. I’ll be moving a lot slower and more carefully for a few days or weeks until my back heals. Getting down to do stuff on the floor isn’t bad it is getting back up that really hurts. I can still do stuff, just have to be very careful how I move and move slowly also don’t pick up heavy stuff.


I got to Lowe’s early in the morning and got some corner bead, corner bead is a metal or plastic object to shape corners when dry-walling. I also got some nails, caulking, liquid nail and 1″x3″ trim for the front door. I also checked on the price of carpet and other floor coverings, still puzzled as to how to estimate the amount of carpet to order. I then went to Wall-Mart and bought paint, brushes and rollers. I also got another pair of work shorts and tee-shirt. By the time I got to the house it was almost Noon so I made a sandwich before starting work on the house.

I put up the corner bead and started applying the mud to it and got frustrated with the results, it just doesn’t look right to me. I figured I wasn’t getting any where so I let the mud sit and will try again Saturday. If this bead doesn’t work I’ll try something else.

I couldn’t resist the urge to paint, so I got out the painting equipment and gave it a “go”. A few hours later the living room had been painted. I don’t think the paint I bought covers well, I may have to paint the living room twice to get good coverage. The best thing I can say is that the place looks cleaner now than before I painted it. I am eager to see the results of the paint job Saturday morning – I do want it to look good.

I have a prioritized list of things to get done and I may get to cross off a few this weekend as I am having help for at least a day Yea !

Didn’t get much done today

I got to sand a few places today and then I patched one big hole and I made a mess of it. I may have to redo the whole patch. I guess I was in to much of a hurry. I did get the door knob changed in the master bath and put up some towel racks and a pretty shower curtain. I also had to pick up the grandkids today because school was only half a session so I brought them over to the house. The next thing I know the grandson is playing with the circuit breakers he got yelled at and made to sit a time out. He had been told not to touch the circuit panel before, I think it is time to put a lock on it just for safety sake.

I took some photos to show the work I’m doing. Mostly dry wall patching and door replacement and knob changes. I am trying to get the place prepped for painting this week. I’ll see what I can accomplish tomorrow, maybe it will be a better day.

Here are the photos.

Feeling over whelmed (just a little)

I am feeling a bit over whelmed by all the work that has to be done on the house. It seems like it will never get done and the list keeps getting longer instead of shorter. This week the doors got exchanged so no more doors with holes kicked in them and that is an improvement that is noticeable if you had seen the doors before. Some of the holes in the walls have been repaired except for three large holes in the master bedroom. I have begun to take down the battens on the walls. Battens, for those not used to manufactured housing is what the industry used to cover the vertical seams when two pieces of wall board join, it is a cheap way to cover the gap and to my eye looks worse than the seam. Some of the battens come off with no problem others break or pull the vinyl covering off the surrounding pieces of wall board making things look worse. This will be further repaired by applying drywall mud to the seams, hopefully, hiding the seams altogether.

I am attempting to clean the house one bath at a time and it is a challenge to get the crud and goo off of the fixtures after fifteen years of neglect. I’m letting the tub soak in the master bedroom bath for a night and see if that helps. I let it soak one night and some of the yuk came up, but not all of it not even half of it.

The HVAC man was to show up today at 9am. He didn’t show when I called him he said his truck broke down. I don’t believe him but I need him to replace the line from the heating/cooling unit to the thermostat in the house. I don’t want to crawl under the house and try to run a new line myself. I wouldn’t know how to hook it up anyway. He says he will be there Monday-I hope so the heat gets to me and I get very tired.

One good note I got a dinning table and chairs for $126, and brought over to the house so now I can sit at a real table and have my lunch. It was a good deal, similar sets were advertised at $300, so I’m happy getting that bargain. I also bought dishes and some cheap pots to cook in at Wal-Mart today. I also got more cleaning supplies.

I’ll post photos later of the improvements.

I’m tired tonight

I Got going this morning about 8am went to Lowe’s for supplies to fix the house. I bought tools dry, wall repair screens, dry wall mud, dry wall tools, drill bit for lock set, dry wall tape and eight doors for the house. This was my first big buy at Lowe’s for the house and I can see spending money for supplies can mount up fast. We took the supplies to the house and unloaded them and the first issue was getting the water line leak fixed as we didn’t have enough water to flush the toilets. To my surprise the water line was not PVC as I thought but galvanized iron. Fortunately my son was able to undo the pipe and valves, then off to the hardware store to get new valves and parts to replace the old broken ones. Forty dollars later we were back at the house and had the water running in a few minutes. This allowed the toilet tank to fill and we could flush the toilets. This is a big improvement in running the house.

The next issue we took on was removing a damaged door and replacing it with a new one. This presents a problem because I bought raised panel doors to replace the damaged doors the lock set is at a different hight than on the new door than the old door. This requires modifying the door jamb to accept the striker bolt in a different place on the door jamb.  A special drill bit helps make a hole for the striker bolt and a power drill with drill bit makes quick work of undoing the screws to take down the old door and installing the new door. The first door we exchanged was a pantry door and the process went smoothly, I thought, the new door is hung and I think it looks great. If all the other doors get exchanged as easily as this one the door problem will go away quickly. We are one door short as we bought out Lowe’s supply of 28″x80″ doors! I will buy the missing door later.

Tomorrow I am going to town for more supplies as we found a leak in the water line filling the hot water tank. This water line is a combination PVC and copper flex line. it is the PVC fitting that is leaking so some glue and a new fitting may fixe this problem. Also we need some small items like heavy-duty trash bags some shims, wood filler, putty knife and the list goes on.

Between the emotional bit with spending money and loading unloading supplies and the heat I am tired, to pooped to pucker ! So that was my day on to the next and hopefully more gets done.

The Sale Is Done!

After weeks of waiting and filling out forms the sale of the house is complete the house is mine. It was frustrating at times filling out form after form and emailing back and forth then waiting for replies then finding out there was one more form to fill out! My Real Estate Agent was/is a peach he stayed right on the business of getting this sale through to the end and was always reachable and answered all my questions, if you want to buy property in Tucson he is the MAN. Call me or email me and I’ll get you in touch with him.

So now on to getting things started in making this house a home.  The house needs some repairs some are simple others less so, but nothing to fear. I also have to get insurance, get the key to my mailbox, get some food for the kitchen and something to cook with and on and on. I should be busy for a while and I’ll be a very good customer of second-hand stores and Wal-Mart. Oh well, I have been through this many times before so I’m used to it. There will be long lists that as time goes by will get shorter and shorter until everything becomes just the usual replacement of items used. I don’t know how long that will take, what ever time it takes it takes.

I am loading my truck with the stuff I have accumulated so far, just small odds and ends of things for the house manly cleaning supplies small repair items and things for the kitchen. It is hard to remember all the stuff you need for the kitchen the list goes on and on-thank goodness for the Dollar Stores they save me a lot of money. Also second-hand stores are good as well for saving money and in Tucson there are a good selection of “Thrift Stores” although some don’t seem so thrifty to me!

Got the KEYS!

I went to the house today to get the keys with my real estate agent. I arrived early and noticed that the “Key Safe” was gone and so was the Real Estate sign. I called my agent the and asked about the keys and he called the listing agent who didn’t call back.  When my agent arrived at the house he climbed the gate and went looking for the keys. I looked over the padlock and chain on the gate and noticed that the padlock was held in place with a piece of wire! I undid the wire at the same time my agent came back with the keys. So all was well, we looked over the house and then my agent left and there I was the owner of a house with lots of things to repair and redo. I think I stressed out a bit then started making lists and taking measurements. Then it was off to the store for supplies.