Home again

Been home for over a week and caught the flue, oh, joy! I haven’t been able to do much around the house and it is beginning to make me grumpy. I’ll get well soon enough and then I’ll plant a couple of trees.

I am glad I have my little home when I’m sick, way better than being at someone’s home or a motel. Here I can scuff about in my jammies and make tea and toast, heat up some chicken soup and dash for the john when needed without making a fuss. I can leave my bed unmade which is rare for me, and take a nap when and where I want to.

The wind is howling and peacock next door is hollering for a mate I guess he or is it a she sounds like a cat sometimes, just adds to the charm 🙂

Oh my gratitude to the Jamison Distillery Dublin Ireland for making a fine whiskey that goes well with tea and honey or with coffee and whipped cream. This concoction has helped me get through this flue.