My consultation with the Dr.

English: Photo taken in the MRI lab mri of my ...

English: Photo taken in the MRI lab mri of my back. Nederlands: Foto gemaakt in mri laboratorum van mijn eigen rug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Woldo undergoing a bone scan on the skull

English: Woldo undergoing a bone scan on the skull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I met with my Dr. today and we went over the x-ray results. I have a compressed fracture of vertebra T-11 which is causing me a great deal of pain. The diagnoses is that I have osteoporosis, to what extent is not yet known. To find out how bad my disease is a bone scan and an MRI are being scheduled ASAP. When the results come in on these tests and the doctor feels it is necessary  a procedure that invades the vertebra and fills it with a cement like compound expanding the vertebra back to almost its original shape and then hardens the bone will be scheduled.  Only a few surgeons do this here in Tucson so there is a waiting list. In the mean time I am on a regimen of vitamin D, hormone replacement therapy, and a medicine called Fortical that is administered by a spray once a day into a nasal passage. Fortical is supposed to slow bone loss so that the normal regeneration of bone can accomplish its task of replacing bone, it is also supposed to help with relieving pain, Vitamin D2,D3 and hormone replacement therapy is to aid in the replacement of the bone as well.

I am of course not pleased with this turn of events at best I ‘m apprehensive about all of these procedures and medications. I can’t do anything about it now but follow the doctor’s advice and take my medications, tests and maybe surgical procedure.

Waiting for tests to be done and results announced is frustrating, and worrying. As usual I will muddle through, somehow.

Washer and dryer

English: Manual washer "Marysia" fro...

English: Manual washer “Marysia” from 1920s, manufacturer: T. Podoski, Poland Polski: Pralka ręczna “Marysia”, lata 20. XX w., produkcja: T. Podoski, Polska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1920 electric washer ad; says, in part: "...

1920 electric washer ad; says, in part: “A real servant in the home is a rarity in these days of complex labor conditions. The 1900 Cataract Electric Washer is a real servant that never goes on a strike, never demands more pay or never tires with extra work.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are now in the house hooked up and working, I may have to have the washers changed in the water faucets as there are small leaks then again maybe in a few hours the washers will expand and I won’t need to have that done. It is so nice to have my own laundry equipped and working. Washing clothes some where other than your own home is not fun, not that it is fun at home, at least at home one can do other stuff as the washer is doing its thing.

I paid a lot more than I wanted to, however the machines look good and are very quiet compared to the machines I have had in the past. This also increases the salability of the house as the house now comes completely equipped. “Oh you want to sell already?” I am always interested in selling at a profit this is just a pile of sticks and a bit of land and if I can make a profit I’m willing to listen to offers. A good offer and it is gone 😀

As for my back problems I still have pain and sleepless nights, the intensity of the pain is less and I am hopeful I’ll be fine by next week. Just wish I could get a good night’s sleep.


Where did the inches go?

I went to see the doctor today and he was encouraging in that he didn’t think I had fractured anything or dislocated anything either. He thinks it is a strained muscle or ligament and that medication and rest should let the back heal-as long as I don’t re-injure it. I took the meds as prescribed and I have less pain and that is a good feeling. I just have to remember not lift heavy stuff or push-pull heavy stuff for a week or so.

I did get a surprise when the medical techs were doing the vital signs and that was now I’m 5ft. 11in. tall ! I used to be 6ft. 1in. tall where did the inches go and when did they go? My blood pressure reading seemed low to me but it was no concern to the doctor the reading was 100/60, I guess as long as I have some it is okay. Everything else was normal until we get to weight and I lost 12 lbs.-where did it go and just as important where did it come from? I don’t feel lighter. No comment from the doctor.

So I am taking more pills and waiting to see what effect they will have on my back. Damn I wish I had let that chair fall

I also got my flu shot while at the doctor’s office so far no reaction so I’m good.


Back problems

For two weeks or more I have had back pain from trying to get living room chair off the pick-up truck. Sometimes the pain is intense other times it is just a nagging pain in the back. Last night the pain was intense and over the counter drugs didn’t and neither did a heating pad. This morning I was again in serious pain and it took a couple of hours of stretching and walking around the house plus over the counter drugs to lessen the pain in my back.

I gave up and called my doctor’s office for an appointment and I see him tomorrow morning. Watch, I won’t have any pain to complain about 😦


Last night


housekeeping (Photo credit:

I slept in my own bed in my own house. It has been months since I have had so much room to sleep in a bed. I broke down and spent the money for a pillow-top mattress and Ooh does that feel goooood on my tired, old, body! I was so tired yesterday I went to bed early about 8pm. I tossed and turned for a while before falling asleep. I got up at 11pm and 1am for a potty break then snoozed till 4am. Ya know there ain’t much to do at 4am unless you’ve got cows to milk or you’re leaving to go someplace. So I went back to bed and laid there listening for the sounds one hears at night. Far away there was a freight train passing by I could hear the rumble of the cars on the tracks. Unlike some places I have lived in they didn’t use their horn all through the crossings, thanks RR guys I appreciate you not using the horn. All of a sudden I woke up and it was bright outside checked my watch it was almost 8am. I started moving and my back wasn’t for that idea it took me awhile to persuade it to let me stand upright and move around. I got breakfast going and sat at the table looking out at the mountains-the sun sure was bright!

After breakfast I did a some household chores and then headed over to the family’s place about a half hour drive from mine and checked in with them and how they were doing. While there I collected a few things I thought I would need to bring back to my house. Later I went grocery shopping to fill-out my larder so I can cook on a regular basis. Tonight was pasta and fake meat sauce, I used soy crumbles for meat and it came out good. Everything is cleaned up now and I get to spend happy time with my computer.

Update on progress DW 8/31-9/1

I have been busy finishing painting the house. I still have two bedrooms to go, but I have decided that I’ve had enough of painting for a while and will wait till later to finnish those. My carpet was paid for and I got a call from the carpet layer on Friday about picking up carpet on Saturday. I thought that he would call Lowe’s where the carpet was located to make sure it was ready, but Saturday morning he calls and says that Lowe’s hasn’t cut the carpet because it is still in the warehouse and won’t get cut until later in the day so he said he would be at my house on Sunday to lay the carpet. I wasn’t fully convinced he would as this is a holiday weekend. He did show up and the work looks good. I am so glad to get rid of the stinky old carpet and have it hauled off. The old carpet and padding was loaded with animal urine stains and the odor was disgusting. The new carpet is so nice no tares, rips, stains and NO smell except for that fresh carpet smell.

I also did some decorating on the walls. I changed color on one of the dinning room walls and added a design of stares and berries-it looks nice and is movable.

Here are some photos of the new work.

Original location the dinning table with the pink wall to the right

Original location the dinning table with the pink wall to the right

Alt. view of the dinning table with pink wall

Alt. view of the dinning table with pink wall

Changed pink wall to a tan and turned the table

Changed pink wall to a tan and turned the table

Alt. view of the table with tan wall and stars

Alt. view of the table with tan wall and stars

New carpet in hallway

New carpet in hallway

New carpet in den

New carpet in den

New carpet in the stinkiest bedroom. Stinky now more :-)

New carpet in the stinkiest bedroom. Stinky now more 🙂

New carpet in the other bedroom

New carpet in the other bedroom

My back is still painful and my bout with constipation is still troublesome, but I’m getting by, the family has been very supportive. Soon I will have a bed setup and I’ll sleep in my new house 🙂