Where did the inches go?

I went to see the doctor today and he was encouraging in that he didn’t think I had fractured anything or dislocated anything either. He thinks it is a strained muscle or ligament and that medication and rest should let the back heal-as long as I don’t re-injure it. I took the meds as prescribed and I have less pain and that is a good feeling. I just have to remember not lift heavy stuff or push-pull heavy stuff for a week or so.

I did get a surprise when the medical techs were doing the vital signs and that was now I’m 5ft. 11in. tall ! I used to be 6ft. 1in. tall where did the inches go and when did they go? My blood pressure reading seemed low to me but it was no concern to the doctor the reading was 100/60, I guess as long as I have some it is okay. Everything else was normal until we get to weight and I lost 12 lbs.-where did it go and just as important where did it come from? I don’t feel lighter. No comment from the doctor.

So I am taking more pills and waiting to see what effect they will have on my back. Damn I wish I had let that chair fall

I also got my flu shot while at the doctor’s office so far no reaction so I’m good.