Washer and dryer

English: Manual washer "Marysia" fro...

English: Manual washer “Marysia” from 1920s, manufacturer: T. Podoski, Poland Polski: Pralka ręczna “Marysia”, lata 20. XX w., produkcja: T. Podoski, Polska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1920 electric washer ad; says, in part: "...

1920 electric washer ad; says, in part: “A real servant in the home is a rarity in these days of complex labor conditions. The 1900 Cataract Electric Washer is a real servant that never goes on a strike, never demands more pay or never tires with extra work.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are now in the house hooked up and working, I may have to have the washers changed in the water faucets as there are small leaks then again maybe in a few hours the washers will expand and I won’t need to have that done. It is so nice to have my own laundry equipped and working. Washing clothes some where other than your own home is not fun, not that it is fun at home, at least at home one can do other stuff as the washer is doing its thing.

I paid a lot more than I wanted to, however the machines look good and are very quiet compared to the machines I have had in the past. This also increases the salability of the house as the house now comes completely equipped. “Oh you want to sell already?” I am always interested in selling at a profit this is just a pile of sticks and a bit of land and if I can make a profit I’m willing to listen to offers. A good offer and it is gone 😀

As for my back problems I still have pain and sleepless nights, the intensity of the pain is less and I am hopeful I’ll be fine by next week. Just wish I could get a good night’s sleep.