April Photos

This is what the place looks like in April 2014. A lot of work has been done and the place looks like someone lives here. Now to find a person or company to come in load all the brush, cactus and trash then haul it off to the dump. I have gotten an estimate of what it will cost to have new front and rear doors installed and it kind of takes my breath away. The Estimate is $1040.00. Being a cheap skate this figure has my head spinning. I’m going to give this a lot of thought before I commit.  

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2 thoughts on “April Photos

  1. You are doing an amazing job. The skirting is very important living out here as rats, snakes and ground squirrels will really destroy your wiring. Your yard looks good that took lots of work for sure. It’s nice to have a sister that can help with the hard stuff.

    • I am very grateful for help my sister has given me she a hard worker. The value of skirting a manufactured home is an important feature keeps home warmer in winter and cooler in summer too.

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