At Home In Vail

I arrived a few days ago here in Vail AZ. I have been lucky that I had someone here working on the landscaping while I was in Mexico. With the removal of dead, overgrown and tangled plant material the place is looking better and better. I have been to a manufactured home parts store and priced out some of the things I would like to have replaced. The price of some items seems high to me, but I have no other source of parts. I did get a name of a man who does repair work on manufactured homes and I will call him and see what he has to say about where to buy replacement items.

The replacement items are the front and back doors both are in sad shape and are the cause of air leakage so the house is not being heated and cooled efficiently. Also there are parts of the skirting that need replacement as someone wasn’t careful about using a weed eater and cut holes into the vinyl skirting. Another project is to erect an awning on the East side of the house. This would shade the house so the morning sun doesn’t heat up that side of the house. In Arizona even the morning sun can be hot by eight or nine in the morning during our blistering summers. The temperatures can exceed 100 degrees for some of May all of June, July, August and part of September so shade is very important.

With the care the plants and trees are starting to bloom and some that looked like they might die are showing signs of life. This is a heartening sight as I know that no watering had been done a year or more prior to my buying this house. Now I’m thinking of what trees and plants I want to plant. I have purchased two climbing bushes for the front of the house and I’m thinking of buying a couple of trees to increase the shade of the front or West side of the house. Somehow I have to figure out a dependable drip watering system that will water while I’m gone on one of my trips.

Here are a couple of photos of some plants blooming here in the desert.

Volunteer blooms lucky the rabbits haven't eaten them yet

Volunteer blooms lucky the rabbits haven’t eaten them yet

Cactus blooming

Cactus blooming

I will take more photos and post later.

At the same time I’m getting my RV ready for the sale lot in Tucson. I had no idea I had so much stuff in that RV. It has taken me hours and hours to clear out “stuff”. I still have the bins under the RV to clean out, I’ll tackle that problem tomorrow.


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