Getting Ready to go home

I’m starting to pack up my truck for the trip back to my home and life in San Felipe Baja MX. I feel better than I have in weeks and I think I can make the drive to S.F. . I’ll most likely spend the night in Calexico Ca. and leave there for S.F. in the morning. Most likely I’ll get to Pete’s Camp on Sunday.

My RV is in the shop getting new brakes. I’ll be back in Tucson for the holidays and then drive the RV down to S.F. for the window repair and then in the Spring drive it back to Tucson to put it up for sale or trade it for something. I might even put it up for sale in Mexico. My goal is divest myself of this vehicle and move on.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready to go home

  1. I hope you have a safe trip. Sorry we didn’t get to visit more while you were here. I’m glad your back is feeling better. Hope to see you on the holidays. Keep in touch. love P

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