My consultation with the Dr.

English: Photo taken in the MRI lab mri of my ...

English: Photo taken in the MRI lab mri of my back. Nederlands: Foto gemaakt in mri laboratorum van mijn eigen rug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Woldo undergoing a bone scan on the skull

English: Woldo undergoing a bone scan on the skull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I met with my Dr. today and we went over the x-ray results. I have a compressed fracture of vertebra T-11 which is causing me a great deal of pain. The diagnoses is that I have osteoporosis, to what extent is not yet known. To find out how bad my disease is a bone scan and an MRI are being scheduled ASAP. When the results come in on these tests and the doctor feels it is necessary  a procedure that invades the vertebra and fills it with a cement like compound expanding the vertebra back to almost its original shape and then hardens the bone will be scheduled.  Only a few surgeons do this here in Tucson so there is a waiting list. In the mean time I am on a regimen of vitamin D, hormone replacement therapy, and a medicine called Fortical that is administered by a spray once a day into a nasal passage. Fortical is supposed to slow bone loss so that the normal regeneration of bone can accomplish its task of replacing bone, it is also supposed to help with relieving pain, Vitamin D2,D3 and hormone replacement therapy is to aid in the replacement of the bone as well.

I am of course not pleased with this turn of events at best I ‘m apprehensive about all of these procedures and medications. I can’t do anything about it now but follow the doctor’s advice and take my medications, tests and maybe surgical procedure.

Waiting for tests to be done and results announced is frustrating, and worrying. As usual I will muddle through, somehow.

4 thoughts on “My consultation with the Dr.

  1. How does all this testing and such change your plans for getting back to Mexico??? Will you still be in Tucson on Oct. 22/23rd ???? That is when I will be in area for a short time..

  2. While I hesitate to give health advise, think very carefully about back surgery. My step son has had a series of spinal surgeries, many to fix problems caused by earlier surgeries, with his back getting worse and worse each time. A former coworker is also in that loop. Caveat emptor.

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