Back problems

For two weeks or more I have had back pain from trying to get living room chair off the pick-up truck. Sometimes the pain is intense other times it is just a nagging pain in the back. Last night the pain was intense and over the counter drugs didn’t and neither did a heating pad. This morning I was again in serious pain and it took a couple of hours of stretching and walking around the house plus over the counter drugs to lessen the pain in my back.

I gave up and called my doctor’s office for an appointment and I see him tomorrow morning. Watch, I won’t have any pain to complain about 😦


4 thoughts on “Back problems

  1. I had my doctor’s appointment today and the short version is that I have a pulled muscle gave me two meds one for inflammation and one muscle relaxer if this doesn’t work I call him monday for an appointment to get an x-ray and so forth. I found that somehow I lost some inches; I’m 71 inches tall or 5ft. 11in. I used to be 6ft. 2in. where did the three inches go? Also my bp is 100/60, doc not concerned, O2 96% ok for that. I also lost 12 lbs. YEA! So I’ve taken the meds no big change yet maybe they need sometime to work through my body-we’ll see.

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