Didn’t get much done today

I got to sand a few places today and then I patched one big hole and I made a mess of it. I may have to redo the whole patch. I guess I was in to much of a hurry. I did get the door knob changed in the master bath and put up some towel racks and a pretty shower curtain. I also had to pick up the grandkids today because school was only half a session so I brought them over to the house. The next thing I know the grandson is playing with the circuit breakers he got yelled at and made to sit a time out. He had been told not to touch the circuit panel before, I think it is time to put a lock on it just for safety sake.

I took some photos to show the work I’m doing. Mostly dry wall patching and door replacement and knob changes. I am trying to get the place prepped for painting this week. I’ll see what I can accomplish tomorrow, maybe it will be a better day.

Here are the photos.


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