Feeling over whelmed (just a little)

I am feeling a bit over whelmed by all the work that has to be done on the house. It seems like it will never get done and the list keeps getting longer instead of shorter. This week the doors got exchanged so no more doors with holes kicked in them and that is an improvement that is noticeable if you had seen the doors before. Some of the holes in the walls have been repaired except for three large holes in the master bedroom. I have begun to take down the battens on the walls. Battens, for those not used to manufactured housing is what the industry used to cover the vertical seams when two pieces of wall board join, it is a cheap way to cover the gap and to my eye looks worse than the seam. Some of the battens come off with no problem others break or pull the vinyl covering off the surrounding pieces of wall board making things look worse. This will be further repaired by applying drywall mud to the seams, hopefully, hiding the seams altogether.

I am attempting to clean the house one bath at a time and it is a challenge to get the crud and goo off of the fixtures after fifteen years of neglect. I’m letting the tub soak in the master bedroom bath for a night and see if that helps. I let it soak one night and some of the yuk came up, but not all of it not even half of it.

The HVAC man was to show up today at 9am. He didn’t show when I called him he said his truck broke down. I don’t believe him but I need him to replace the line from the heating/cooling unit to the thermostat in the house. I don’t want to crawl under the house and try to run a new line myself. I wouldn’t know how to hook it up anyway. He says he will be there Monday-I hope so the heat gets to me and I get very tired.

One good note I got a dinning table and chairs for $126, and brought over to the house so now I can sit at a real table and have my lunch. It was a good deal, similar sets were advertised at $300, so I’m happy getting that bargain. I also bought dishes and some cheap pots to cook in at Wal-Mart today. I also got more cleaning supplies.

I’ll post photos later of the improvements.


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