I’m tired tonight

I Got going this morning about 8am went to Lowe’s for supplies to fix the house. I bought tools dry, wall repair screens, dry wall mud, dry wall tools, drill bit for lock set, dry wall tape and eight doors for the house. This was my first big buy at Lowe’s for the house and I can see spending money for supplies can mount up fast. We took the supplies to the house and unloaded them and the first issue was getting the water line leak fixed as we didn’t have enough water to flush the toilets. To my surprise the water line was not PVC as I thought but galvanized iron. Fortunately my son was able to undo the pipe and valves, then off to the hardware store to get new valves and parts to replace the old broken ones. Forty dollars later we were back at the house and had the water running in a few minutes. This allowed the toilet tank to fill and we could flush the toilets. This is a big improvement in running the house.

The next issue we took on was removing a damaged door and replacing it with a new one. This presents a problem because I bought raised panel doors to replace the damaged doors the lock set is at a different hight than on the new door than the old door. This requires modifying the door jamb to accept the striker bolt in a different place on the door jamb.  A special drill bit helps make a hole for the striker bolt and a power drill with drill bit makes quick work of undoing the screws to take down the old door and installing the new door. The first door we exchanged was a pantry door and the process went smoothly, I thought, the new door is hung and I think it looks great. If all the other doors get exchanged as easily as this one the door problem will go away quickly. We are one door short as we bought out Lowe’s supply of 28″x80″ doors! I will buy the missing door later.

Tomorrow I am going to town for more supplies as we found a leak in the water line filling the hot water tank. This water line is a combination PVC and copper flex line. it is the PVC fitting that is leaking so some glue and a new fitting may fixe this problem. Also we need some small items like heavy-duty trash bags some shims, wood filler, putty knife and the list goes on.

Between the emotional bit with spending money and loading unloading supplies and the heat I am tired, to pooped to pucker ! So that was my day on to the next and hopefully more gets done.


4 thoughts on “I’m tired tonight

  1. Yes, I do love my projects and this is a big one. Got three doors removed and replaced today after another round of buying stuff at Lowe’s. Tomorrow, if all goes well, the door exchange will be done, for the most part still have to wait for new shipment of doors to finnish up. Then the dry-wall repair replace project starts.

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