The Sale Is Done!

After weeks of waiting and filling out forms the sale of the house is complete the house is mine. It was frustrating at times filling out form after form and emailing back and forth then waiting for replies then finding out there was one more form to fill out! My Real Estate Agent was/is a peach he stayed right on the business of getting this sale through to the end and was always reachable and answered all my questions, if you want to buy property in Tucson he is the MAN. Call me or email me and I’ll get you in touch with him.

So now on to getting things started in making this house a home.  The house needs some repairs some are simple others less so, but nothing to fear. I also have to get insurance, get the key to my mailbox, get some food for the kitchen and something to cook with and on and on. I should be busy for a while and I’ll be a very good customer of second-hand stores and Wal-Mart. Oh well, I have been through this many times before so I’m used to it. There will be long lists that as time goes by will get shorter and shorter until everything becomes just the usual replacement of items used. I don’t know how long that will take, what ever time it takes it takes.

I am loading my truck with the stuff I have accumulated so far, just small odds and ends of things for the house manly cleaning supplies small repair items and things for the kitchen. It is hard to remember all the stuff you need for the kitchen the list goes on and on-thank goodness for the Dollar Stores they save me a lot of money. Also second-hand stores are good as well for saving money and in Tucson there are a good selection of “Thrift Stores” although some don’t seem so thrifty to me!


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