My experience with manufactured housing

I have owned manufactured housing before and had my ups and downs with the concept. I owned a double wide in Texas and when I was married I owned one with my spouse. So I know something about the quality of this housing or lack there of. As with almost any house there are things you will like and other things that will make you wish that were done differently. I don’t have any photos of the first DW I owned but as far as build went I was happy with most of the construction and very satisfied with how low the utility bills were as it was well insulated. The kitchen was satisfactory and all the other features of the house worked well for a small family. The only problem I had was in selling it as it was not on its own land but in a Mobile Home Park.

The next Double Wide I owned was in Texas it was an 1987 model three bedrooms two baths and it was ample room for two adults. Being an older model it wasn’t insulated as well as the first one and the utility bills were high, mainly because it was an all-electric home. This home was on ten acres. This home was hard to sell because I was trying to sell it after the real estate business crashed.

Here are some photos of the house and the out buildings.

IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0173

Yes it snows there in Texas also there are tornadoes and fierce thunderstorms high winds and wild fires. Still it was home for a while. I enjoyed the fireplace during the snow and storms. Because of health concerns it was time to move on. One big advantage of a double wide in Texas was when the earth moved because of weather it was easy to re-level the house not so with a slab built house that costs big money and it happens frequently in some parts of Texas.



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