Why a Double-Wide and Why Now?

I bought a D-W because it is cheap living. I got this D-W from HUD at a very low price. So far the repairs are simple and not outragously expensive. I’m using some of my savings to make the purchase and repairs. This I hope will be accomplished without going into any debt. The house will be free and clear. This lowers my cost of living and as I am living on a fixed income that is a very good thing. 

The other question is why now? I realize as I get older I will need more medical support and my doctors are in Tucson just a few miles away from this house and there is family a couple of miles from the house also incase I’m in need of their support. Having my own house I won’t be a burden or in the way of a growing family we all will have our privacy yet be close enough to support one another. Hopefully that will be a ways off yet.


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